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Warehouse service

Regardless of the design in question, BLS’s racking complies with applicable standards and norms for Europe and Sweden. We provide a 5-year structural and product warranty for all our proprietary products. One thing that many people may not realise is that when you enter into a service agreement with us, we will inspect the racking every year, enabling you to extend the warranty period by one year at a time. According to Swedish law, employers are responsible for ensuring that their employees are working in a safe environment and using safe equipment.

The service agreement benefits the entire company

When you enter into a service agreement with us here at BLS, our certified inspectors will check your racking on an annual basis, fully in line with current standards. Detecting any damage at an early stage prevents accidents, keeps repair costs down and extends the service life of the racking. As a bonus, your warranty is also extended by one year at a time. Profitable business for everyone!

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When did you last inspect your warehouse?

According to Swedish law, companies are responsible for ensuring that their employees are working in a safe environment and using safe equipment. The warehouse environment is no exception. The work environment in warehouses often entails risks, as the pace is high, forklifts and people are on the move and heavy goods are being handled. According to the European standard SS-EN 15635, an inspection has to be performed by a technically skilled individual on an annual basis. Our RISE-certified inspectors carry out annual checks of your warehouse to ensure that it meets all safety requirements. These checks include issuing inspection reports and are incorporated in your service agreement.

Do you have any questions about service agreements, inspections and how to create a safer warehouse?

When your warehouse has been inspected, you will know for sure that your racking meets all the applicable requirements and standards, regardless of its age. If there are any observations – well, then we will identify them and then work together to rectify them.

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Project Manager & Service Manager

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Benefits of entering into a service agreement

Why is a service agreement a good idea?

With a service agreement, you prevent accidents, minimise the need for future repairs and extend the service life of the racking. You can also devote your time to the things you are really good at, and do not have to spend time inspecting the racking yourself.

Will I receive an inspection report?

Yes, you will get a clear, easy-to-understand inspection report that gives you control over safety in your warehouse.

How will I know what deviations have been found?

We will produce a drawing of your warehouse and indicate any observations on the warehouse layout. This will allow you to track any deviations quickly and easily.

Okay, what happens if an observation is identified?

If our certified inspectors identify anything that results in an observation, you will receive an action plan. You will also receive a estimate for the cost of materials and repair/installation work.

There are three different levels of observations: Green, Yellow and Red.

Green = The observation only needs to be monitored and followed up at the next inspection.

Yellow = The observation needs to be rectified within 4 weeks. If this does not take place, the status will change to Red.

Red = The observation needs to be rectified immediately and, as the person responsible, you will be contacted directly. The area will be cordoned off and is deemed a safety risk. The load on the racking will be removed.

What do you mean when you refer to extending the warranty?

BLS’s proprietary products are covered by a 5-year functional and structural warranty. Once this warranty has expired, you can extend it by one year at a time.

The warranty can be extended in the following ways:
When the racking is being installed, you enter into a service agreement at the same time. As inspections are included in the service agreement, our inspectors will check the racking, and if any observations are rectified, the warranty will be extended by one year at a time. This basically means that the racking can obtain a lifetime warranty.


Do I receive a discount as a contractual customer?

Yes, when you enter into a service agreement, you always receive at least a 15 per cent discount on materials.

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BLS is with you from day one

We can help you from the very start, making sure everything is done on time, on budget and as specified. When the time arrives to carry out the installation, our trained assemblers will assemble your new storage system. As a result, there is no need for you to keep track of safety standards and requirements – we’ve got you covered.

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