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Mobilt Pallställ Fryslager

Mobile racking

When you want to make maximum use of your storage space, it’s worth considering a mobile system.Here, the racking is tightly packed, forklift aisles are minimised and filled with new storage spaces. This system is perfect for anyone who needs secure storage density, for example when it comes to tyre storage, archives and cold storage, as well as in the case of storage using cantilever racking and pallet racking.

Get up to 90 per centmore from your storage space!

BLS’s warehouse solutions are all designed to be able to be adapted easily to your storage needs. For various reasons, there can be times when you need to find ways to create additional storage space in existing premises – and that’s when our mobile systems come into their own. With a mobile system, it is possible to make maximum use of the space available, in fact up to 90 per cent more! How is that possible, do you think? The answer is simple. The mobile system minimises the number of forklift aisles and the movable racking is tightly packed.

Benefits of BLS’s mobile pallet racking

  • The number of forklift aisles is minimised and turned into storage space
  • The storage area is increased by packing the racks tightly together
  • The units/racks are controlled via a remote control on the forklift or at the touch of a button
  • You can choose whether you want manual or electronic control
  • High level of safety
  • Can be adapted for various storage methods.
  • Excellent solution when high storage density is required, but also for cantilever racking and pallet racking when you want a space-saving solution.

A mobile storage racking requires planning

A mobile solution saves space, but requires careful planning. The racking (the mobile bases) is moved on rails. You therefore need to consider the following:

  1. In the case of new construction, it is best to bring us in at an early stage, ideally during the planning and design of the warehouse, so that the rails can be cast in the concrete slab.
  2. For existing premises, we need to mill the rails down into the concrete slab, which may require the evacuation of the area where the rails are to be located.

You don’t need to worry. We’ve installed a large number of mobile solutions and will guide you securely through the entire process. Please feel free to call us to get answers to your questions.

Sensor Mobilt System

BLS’s mobile storage deliver a high level of safety

Here at BLS, we focus on building safe workplaces, and our mobile systems are no exception.

  • The system is operated by light sensors, which detect when personnel enter and exit the system 
  • Photoelectric sensors are located under the mobile bases, at the front edge of the mobile bases and where needed
  • An audible signal sounds when the mobile base is being operated
  • The system can be operated manually or with the aid remote control in a forklift

Frequently asked questions about mobile racking

What factors are important to consider when buying mobile units?

As the mobile units run on rails, one of the most significant aspects differentiating them from our other solutions is the installation of the rails. The way the rails are installed depends on whether the premises are newly built or pre-existing. If the premises are going to be built, the rails can be installed in connection with the construction of the floor. In pre-existing premises, the concrete slab needs to be at least 150-200 mm thick in order for the rails to be installed. This is done by milling the floor.


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Is there any better feeling than, as a supplier, delivering a solution that your customer is incredibly satisfied with? No, not in our opinion. We are immensely proud of the wonderful collaborations we have enjoyed with our customers, which have resulted in warehouse solutions supplied by us at BLS. We have gathered together a number of these, possibly to inspire you, but also to demonstrate the wide range of businesses we have the privilege of working with.

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