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Tyre & wheel racking

BLS manufactures tyre racking for both large and small stock volumes – and everything in between. Here you will also find tyre forklifts and accessories that create safe, well-arranged workplaces. And while we’re on the subject of safety, did you know that we carry out inspections and document the safety of your warehouse and tyre racking?

Do you want to store tyres?

Welcome to BLS! 

When you are looking for safe storage solutions for tyres, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with BLS’s tyre racking. We manufacture robust racking for both vertical and horizontal tyre storage, as well as mobile tyre racking that is controlled either electrically or with manual crank operation. Our solutions are suitable for everyone – from tyre manufacturers and tyre hotels to car dealers and small car workshops.


Horizontal tyre storage – perfect for large stock volumes

Do you need to store large quantities of tyres? Horizontal tyre storage is the most common solution. In the case of horizontal tyre storage, the tyres are stored on sturdy tyre tubes. You don’t have to perform picking manually and you can use a tyre forklift to handle the tyres. Fast, flexible and safe!

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Benefits of horizontal tyre storage

Opting for horizontal tyre storage means that you ensure quick and easy access, but there are additional benefits:

  • Ergonomic and safe storage 
  • Perfect solution for tyre hotels
  • Optimised and space-saving storage
  • The tyres are arranged in sets of 4, which provides you with a clear overview where each set corresponds to one set/car
  • Design adapted according to the conditions in the premises
  • Potential to adapt with mobile tyre storage to make full use of the floor space
  • No manual handling (tyre forklift used)

Would you like to talk about storing tyres/wheels?

Do you have tyres that need to be stored efficiently, intelligently and in a manner that saves space? Get in touch and we’ll arrange a time when we can meet. We view challenges as opportunities, and are skilled when it comes to creating tailored systems for tyre storage. Working together with you, we are able to create a warehouse solution that makes full use of the space in your premises without compromising on safety. It is not uncommon for us to begin the work on the drawings while we’re on site in your premises.

Let’s get started with a phone call or an e-mail, and we’ll take it from there.

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Purchase the tyre forklift from BLS

Tyre forklifts for horizontal tyre storage
If you have opted for horizontal tyre storage, you will need a tyre forklift to handle the tyres. Using the tyre forklift, you can stack the tyres. Our tyre forklifts come with a range of different equipment levels, and you can select different options to equip the forklift to suit your business. Canopies and cameras are examples of options that maximise safety and make handling smoother.


Tyre forklifts for vertical tyre storage
Have you opted for vertical tyre storage? In this case, you will need a different type of tyre forklift compared to when the tyres are stored horizontally. We offer tyre forklifts for all our systems. The range consists of hand-drawn and electric tyre forklifts that are adapted to suit your tyre warehouse optimally.

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Vertical tyre storage – ideal when you have a low ceiling height

When the need for tyre storage is not that great or the premises are limited by the ceiling height, then vertical tyre storage might be the best solution. Here you pick the tyres from the shelf manually. The backbone of our system for vertical tyre storage is our popular pallet racking. In other words, you can adapt the storage solution fully according to your needs and to the conditions in the premises.

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When was the last time you inspected your tyre racking?

According to Swedish law, companies are responsible for ensuring that their employees are working in a safe environment and using safe equipment. The warehouse environment is no exception. The Swedish Work Environment Authority demands that all work equipment must be inspected regularly to guarantee its safety and function. Did you know that we perform such checks here at BLS? Our inspectors are certified by RISE.

Learn more about how BLS can help you with warehouse safety

Safe tyre racking for a safe workplace

Safety mesh and upright protectors are important accessories that are also required in accordance with the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s regulations when there is a risk of a collision or collapse. BLS’s safety mesh is designed to prevent tyres from collapsing and injuring people or damaging vehicles and equipment. With the aid of the safety mesh, you can also stack high vertical groups of tyres safely and make efficient use of the space. By installing the upright protectors, you reduce the risk of accidents and injuries that could occur if a vehicle were to accidentally collide with a stack of tyres, a wall or some other warehouse structure.

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Frequently asked questions about tyre racking

How many levels can your tyre racking handle vertically?

We offer tyre racking with up to 7 vertical levels. Another important factor to take into consideration when buying tyre racking is the height and lifting capacity of the forklift.

What forklifts do you offer for your tyre racking?

We offer a great many tyre forklift variants. Would you like to know more? If so, you can find the various models in the tyre forklift brochure via the link below

What load can your tyre racking handle?

Our tyre tubes can handle a load of up to 30 kg/tyre or 120 kg/set of tyres.