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Shuttle racking

The BLS shuttle is perfect for anyone who handles large pallet volumes and wants to save both space and time. You decide how the shuttle will work (FILO or FIFO) and you can be certain of one thing: the shuttle makes sure the right goods are always at the front. The shuttle technology can be adapted to suit different pallet sizes and works in all common warehouse temperatures from +40 °C to -30 °C.

Remote-controlled shuttles by BLS

We recommend our BLS shuttle solution when you need a time-saving, space-saving storage solution for palletised volume goods. Our remote-controlled shuttles handle varying pallet sizes up to 1,500 kg in all kinds of temperature zones. Installing a shuttle solution means you no longer need forklift traffic in the racking as the shuttle delivers pallets to you. And you can of course pick goods from any level.

BLS Shuttle Truck

Save valuable time and space with storage shuttle systems

If you handle large pallet volumes and are looking for an optimised warehouse solution, the BLS shuttle solution is an excellent option. Remote-controlled shuttles handle the pallets using technology that saves both time and space. The storage method makes full use of floor space and ceiling height while minimising truck aisles. In fact, there’s no need for truck aisles at all as the shuttle delivers pallets to you according to your chosen method (FILO: first in, last out, or FIFO: first in, first out). In other words, you not only save valuable floor space, but also time.

Let BLS warehouse experts help you find your optimal shuttle racking!

If you're planning to streamline your warehouse, there are many questions that need answering. BLS is ready to help you. Our knowledgeable experts will help you tailor a shuttle solution that fits your needs perfectly. Working with you, we come up with a warehouse solution that prioritises safety and maximises the use of the space. You usually get to see a rough sketch already on-site at your place.

So let’s get started with a phone call or an email, and we’ll take it from there.

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Advantages of warehouse shuttle

The BLS shuttle solution is characterised by its comprehensive flexibility:

  • Choose between flow-through (FIFO) or pushback (FILO) storage
  • Customise according to your needs, adding more shuttles as you go
  • Millimetre precision when positioning pallets
  • Works in temperatures from -30 °C to +40 °C
  • The shuttle can be adapted to different pallet sizes
  • Charge the shuttle with accessories like charging stations and parking stations
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BLS | Made in Småland

We have emerged out of our wild countryside, characterised by marshland, forests and lakes. Situated just a short distance from the factory gates is Store Mosse National Park – Sweden’s largest upland marsh area south of Lapland. Here, in the town of Kulltorp in Småland, is where you will find our factory. BLS is made up of a team of skilled employees manufacturing sustainable warehouse solutions. This is where the framework for your future, customised warehouse is born.

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You decide how good we are at BLS

When you buy a warehouse system from us, we are with you from start to finish – and beyond. We are always here for you, as well as being both committed and easy to get hold of. We are humble and are fully aware that we are never better than our employees and the opinions of our customers. That’s why we at BLS work so hard to create the solution that best meets your needs. It is not uncommon for us to become more of a good friend, rather than a supplier.

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