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Warehouse equipment

Do you want to optimise your company’s space with smart warehouse equipment? Welcome to BLS. We don’t just offer a wide and well-thought-out range of warehouse systems and storage solutions – we also create solutions that make a real difference. Each warehouse system has been carefully designed and manufactured to meet and exceed all applicable requirements and standards. Manufacturing takes place in our own factory, located in the heart of Småland.

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Invest in a good warehouse solution

Buying a new warehouse solution or updating an existing one is a long-term investment that requires both time and planning. There are many decisions to be made and deadlines that have to be met, and time, money and knowledge are invested in the decision. Good warehouse equipment has to meet current needs, while at the same time being flexible and adaptable to changing needs in the future. Here at BLS, we’ll help you take the right decisions and make sure everything is done on time, on budget and as specified. We offer a wide range of warehouse solutions and accessories to suit all kinds of businesses, regardless of size and sector.

Warehouse racking for all occasions

Our range includes pallet racking, warehouse shelving, cantilever racking and other types of warehouse equipment. The storage systems are designed to make it easy for you to store and handle your goods, regardless of their size. We will not only help you to optimise your warehouse for the goods that are to be stored, but also for the staff who are going to be working there. We have solutions for all warehouses, regardless of the needs and challenges that exist. For example, you can reduce the amount of heavy lifting for your employees with our tyre racking, or equip your warehouse with pallet flow racking to reduce the instances of incorrect picking. With the help of cantilever racking, you can store long goods simply and safely. Pallet racking enables you to store your pallets and can easily be expanded and supplemented.

Customisable warehouse racking

Thanks to our extensive range of accessories, our racking can also be adapted so that the goods are stored as optimally as possible. Our range also includes mezzanines, which are a cost-effective solution that utilises the ceiling height in your premises and creates an entire additional floor without extending.

Warehouse equipment with all safety requirements

We also help you ensure that your warehouse equipment meets all current safety requirements by providing concrete proposals for safety measures. All warehouse systems must be checked annually by a qualified inspector, and this is something we are happy to help with. If you have any questions about any of our warehouse systems, please contact us and we’ll help you make the right choice!We will help you to create an efficient and safe warehouse environment for yourself and your employees. We will take care of the entire project, from planning to assembly of the finished warehouse system. With our own designers, in-house production and our own assembly team, we will find the warehouse system that best suits you.