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Drive-in racking

When you’re looking for a cost-effective warehouse solution for volume goods, drive-in racking might be the ideal solution. We manufacture durable and robust racking that makes full and efficient use of the available storage space. Contact us at BLS when you want to optimise your warehouse!

Drive through racking – ideal for volume goods on pallets

When you are storing volume goods on pallets, drive-in racking is an efficient storage method. By making full use of the floor space and ceiling height, you create a large number of pallet spaces in a small area. BLS’s drive-in racking is tailored to the weight and size of the pallet goods. This pallet system is based on the FILO principle, i.e. first in, last out.


Drive-in racking is a cost-effective solution

With drive-in racking storage, you can get more pallet spaces in the same floor area compared to traditional pallet racking. We take your pallet dimensions and the overhang of the goods into consideration when we are customising your racking. Drive-in racking takes place on beam rails, which automatically place the pallet in the correct position.

By taking advantage of the conditions in the premises, you gain a large amount of storage capacity per square metre and thereby a cost-effective solution.

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Smart option that offers protection

In addition to the fact that the choice of forklift is important when working with drive-in racking, there is also a smart option that makes the work easier: you can choose to equip the section with forklift truck guide rails. The guide rails facilitate the placement of the pallet at floor level and protect the uprights within the racking. They are easy to install, by fitting each upright with an angle bracket.  

Contact BLS when you want to discuss drive-in racking

We have been manufacturing pallet racking and warehouse systems since 1987 in our factory in Kulltorp. If you want to discuss how drive-in racking can make your business more efficient, we are the company to talk to. We are happy to listen and to arrange a time when we can visit you. Working together with you, we are able to create a solution that focuses on your specific needs. It’s not uncommon for us to begin producing the drawings while we’re on site in your premises.

Let’s get started with a phone call or an e-mail, and we’ll take it from there.

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5-year warranty that can become lifelong

You can rest assured when you have a product from BLS. We always provide a 5-year structural and functional warranty. After that, you have the option of extending the warranty by one year at a time, by entering into a service agreement. This means that, in principle, you can get a lifetime warranty for your drive-in racking.

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BLS | Made in Småland

We have emerged out of our wild countryside, characterised by marshland, forests and lakes. Situated just a short distance from the factory gates is Store Mosse National Park – Sweden’s largest upland marsh area south of Lapland. Here, in the town of Kulltorp in Småland, is where you will find our factory. BLS is made up of a team of skilled employees manufacturing sustainable warehouse solutions. This is where the framework for your future, customised warehouse is born.

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Frequently asked questions about drive-in racking

When is drive-in racking suitable?

Drive-in racking is good for storing goods that are not moved often or that are not dependent on expiry dates. The goods are inserted and filled from the back outwards, towards the front of the drive-in racking.

How many pallets can I store depthwise?

The number of pallets that can be stored depends on the size and weight of the pallet.

How many pallets can I store vertically?

The number of pallets that can be stored depends on the size and weight of the pallet. In the case of vertical storage, it is naturally important to take the ceiling height into consideration.

What type of pallet can I store in my drive-in racking?

BLS’s drive-in racking is designed on the basis of EU pallets. If other goods are to be handled, please contact our sales department.

What surface should I place my drive-in racking on?

BLS’s calculations for storage systems are performed on the basis of a concrete base.

Do I have to have a tilting truck with drive-in racking?

No, you don’t

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