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When you buy a warehouse system from us, we are with you from start to finish – and beyond. We are always here for you, as well as being both committed and easy to get hold of. We are humble and are fully aware that we are never better than our employees and the opinions of our customers. That’s why we at BLS work so hard to create the solution that best meets your needs. It is not uncommon for us to become more of a good friend, rather than a supplier.

Choosing a new storage system, or updating an existing one, involves making many decisions, meeting deadlines and investing money, time and know-how. Let us apply our end-to-end approach. We’ll help you take the right decisions from the very start and make sure everything is done on time, on budget and as specified.

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Analysis and needs

A new storage system involves many decisions. From making sure the system meets current regulations to choosing one that provides the best productivity. When faced with so many decisions, it can be good to have a storage expert at your side. It’s a role that suits us to a T. So to find the best possible solution, we begin envisaging the end result right away. And thanks to our in-house production, we’re always able to adapt our solutions to every unique need.

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Systems & production

Here we create a solution that is both easy to work with and ergonomic; one that enables an efficient warehouse and facilitates future expansions, and keeps costs down without compromising on quality. Having our own production allows us the freedom to constantly develop, improve and adapt our systems based on your particular challenge and product, and it also gives you the opportunity to influence the design of your own storage system.

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Project & support

We help you make the right decisions throughout the project. We take an end-to-end approach from planning, consulting and project management to delivery, assembly and follow-up. All on schedule, on budget and as specified. The project manager remains flexible throughout the process, resolving any unexpected challenges that arise and making sure everything runs smoothly. We also maintain an ongoing dialogue with our customers; we are always
at their service and attentive to their thoughts and concerns.

Installation & construction

Our trained installers travel to the site and assemble the complete system. This means you do not need to keep tabs on various safety standards and requirements. We take care of that. While we always follow a plan of action during this phase, we also leave room for adjustments. We envisage the end result and then take the smoothest route to get there, without compromising on quality or the details. On the contrary, attention to detail is essential for faster business, meeting requirements and exceeding expectations. And this goes for all storage systems, regardless of size and industry.

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Service & safety

BLS attaches great importance to safe material handling and we comply with the requirements prevailing in the industry. We also make sure your storage system meets all current safety requirements by providing concrete suggestions for safety measures such as safety mesh and upright protectors, etc. All storage systems must be checked annually by an authorised inspector; BLS offers this service using its own inspectors.

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Service agreement including inspection

Do you want to be sure that BLS’s racking will continue to deliver in the best and safest way after the warranty has expired? Why not enter into a service agreement? Our service agreement extends the warranty by one year at a time. An inspection and an action plan are included in the agreement. If anything should need to be adjusted, you will be notified through the accompanying action plan. Once we have implemented any necessary measures, you can sit back and relax, secure in the knowledge that the racking will continue to maintain the same high level of safety for another year.

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BLS | Made in Småland

We have emerged out of our wild countryside, characterised by marshland, forests and lakes. Situated just a short distance from the factory gates is Store Mosse National Park – Sweden’s largest upland marsh area south of Lapland. Here, in the town of Kulltorp in Småland, is where you will find our factory. BLS is made up of a team of skilled employees manufacturing sustainable warehouse solutions. This is where the framework for your future, customised warehouse is born.

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