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Industrial shelving

BLS’s industrial shelves usehave manys. If you want to store and archive small goods, our Swedish-made warehouse shelving and shelving systems may be exactly what you’re looking for. BLS’s racking is tailored to your storage needs, and includes mezzanines, mobile manual systems, smart accessories and warehouse shelving that meet all safety requirements in Europe and the Nordic region.

Versatile heavy-duty shelving

BLS manufactures sustainable warehouse shelving systems and industrial shelving. If you’re looking for storage solutions for small items, you’ve come to the right place. Our industrial shelving is safe and flexible. You can adapt the depth, height, frames and backs, as well as add accessories to create a solution that meets your needs. Our stable and movable shelves can handle distributed loads of up to 200 kg. Do you want to build all the way up to the ceiling, or perhaps add a mezzanine floor? No problem. Do you want movable manual shelving systems? We’ll sort it out.

For us, it’s only natural for our products to have a long service life, which is why BLS’s Metro industrial shelving meets all the safety requirements set out in the Nordic standard INSTA 251, Swedish designation SS 2241.

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Industrial shelving accessories

Of course, how you build your industrial shelving depends on what you’re going to be storing. We stock a wide range of accessories. These accessories include drawers that can handle loads of up to 25 kg, divider sheets for shelves and various sizes of stackable, customisable storage boxes.

Accessories that create your dream industrial shelving

Let BLS tailor your shelving system

Would you like help optimising and streamlining your warehouse? We are happy to listen and to arrange a time when we can visit you. We view challenges as opportunities, and are skilled when it comes to creating warehouse shelving that is tailored to your needs. Working together with you, we are able to create a warehouse solution that makes full use of the space in your premises without compromising on safety. It is not uncommon for us to begin the work on the drawings while we’re on site in your premises.

Let’s get started with a phone call or an e-mail, and we’ll take it from there.


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Warehouse shelving with mezzanine

Do you need to increase your storage capacity without using your existing floor space? Build upwards! BLS offers the option of building shelving systems on two floors with a mezzanine as an intermediate floor. With a mezzanine, you gain new floor space on which you can place warehouse shelving. The mezzanine provides you with a clear overview, while also forming a separate area that could function as an additional workplace, for example, or perhaps as an area for the free stacking of goods. Of course, we will help you to secure the mezzanine with safety railings and protective devices to ensure that the workplace is safe.

Read more about mezzanines
Sellpy Byggnad

Case | Sellpy, Rosersberg

Flexible, efficient and less backbreaking

The Nordic region’s largest second-hand online store, Sellpy, has moved into its new premises in Rosersberg during the summer, where BLS has supplied warehouse equipment for the 20,400 m2 site. 

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BLS | Made in Småland

We have emerged out of our wild countryside, characterised by marshland, forests and lakes. Situated just a short distance from the factory gates is Store Mosse National Park – Sweden’s largest upland marsh area south of Lapland. Here, in the town of Kulltorp in Småland, is where you will find our factory. BLS is made up of a team of skilled employees manufacturing sustainable warehouse solutions. This is where the framework for your future, customised warehouse is born.

This is BLS
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You decide how good we are at BLS

When you buy a warehouse system from us, we are with you from start to finish – and beyond. We are always here for you, as well as being both committed and easy to get hold of. We are humble and are fully aware that we are never better than our employees and the opinions of our customers. That’s why we at BLS work so hard to create the solution that best meets your needs. It is not uncommon for us to become more of a good friend, rather than a supplier.

Learn more about how BLS works

Are you curious about how we can help you?

Do you have any questions or concerns, or maybe you’d just like to say hi? Whatever you want, we promise to do our best to help you. Fill in your details on the form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Frequently asked questions about warehouse shelving

What versions of industrial shelving are available?

We offer industrial shelving in galvanised or painted versions. In the painted version, the uprights are painted blue.

Do you offer accessories for warehouse shelving and industrial shelving?

Yes we do, we offer accessories to make the storage in warehouse shelving more efficient. Feel free to visit our webshop, where you can view our range of storage boxes, divider sheets, shelves, drawers and other accessories.

Does my warehouse shelving need to be inspected?

You must inspect all your warehouse equipment annually. Read more and book your inspection here.

What are the dimensions of your shelves?

We offer shelves in depths of 300 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm and 600 mm and in widths of 1000 mm or 1300 mm.

How much load can my shelves handle?

Our warehouse shelving sections can be loaded with a maximum of 1500 kg. The load that the shelves in your warehouse shelving can handle is then dependent on the type of shelves you have. We offer two shelf models, one that can handle 150 kg/shelf and one that can handle 200 kg/shelf.

Can I get industrial shelving painted in my own profile colour?

Of course, we can arrange all types of special colours. Let us know your RAL code and we’ll sort it out. Feel free to get in touch and we’ll take it from there!

Is it necessary to bolt the warehouse shelving to the floor?

If forklifts are going to be operated close to the racking, the warehouse shelving must be bolted to the floor.

Can your warehouse shelving be installed in a freezer?

Absolutely, our warehouse shelving can be installed in both cold and warm areas.