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XL-Bygg's Flagship Store

When XL-Bygg opened its new flagship store in Jönköping, BLS proudly delivered the warehouse fittings. The impressive facility spans over 10,000 sqm.

XL-Bygg strengthens its presence in Småland

XL-Bygg, one of Sweden's leading building material retailers, has strengthened its presence in Småland by establishing a flagship store in Jönköping. This initiative aims to meet increased demand and offer better service to its customers. BLS AB is pleased to have been entrusted with delivering the warehouse racking for the facility.

A reliable partner

BLS AB provided a comprehensive solution to XL-Bygg Jönköping, including pallet racks with a capacity of over 800 pallets and timber racks with over 200 compartments. The timber racks are equipped with a mezzanine that expands the storage area and allows efficient storage of buffer materials. Outdoors, there are also timber racks and cantilever racks with roofs to protect the goods.

Joakim Persson, CEO of XL-Bygg Jönköping, expresses his appreciation: "BLS has been incredibly flexible and a fantastic support in achieving the best possible solution in the end." The new warehouse fittings optimize space and improve logistics, benefiting both the company and customers.

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BLS XL Bygg 240430 347

Storage capacity in over 200 compartments

XL-Bygg has invested in timber racks with over 200 compartments, allowing versatile and flexible storage for various timber lengths. This enables XL-Bygg to offer a wide range of timber lengths to its customers.

The timber racks are equipped with a mezzanine and grating to meet the local sprinkler requirements. The mezzanine extends the storage area, allowing efficient storage of buffer materials, which is advantageous for managing seasonal variations and sudden demand increases. Outdoors, the yard is equipped with timber racks and cantilever racks with roofs to protect the stored goods from weather conditions.

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Logistical advantages with deep stacking racks

BLS also provided deep stacking racks for insulation. This solution has proven to be a logistical advantage for both customers and XL-Bygg, as it is convenient for customers to pick up insulation while making it easy to restock the inventory. This method contributes to more efficient and customer-friendly warehouse management, improving overall logistics and inventory turnover.

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About XL-Bygg

XL-Bygg is Sweden's leading building materials retail group, comprising brands such as XL-Bygg, Bolist, and Järnia. The chain consists of nearly 100 independent facilities across Sweden. XL-Bygg Jönköping opened in early December 2022, featuring a 10,000 sqm area that includes both a store and a logistics center.

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