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Garo 2

Reducing costs through reuse

GARO has recently expanded its Swedish operations by moving from three sites to a single new facility in Hillerstorp. The new facility includes both production and storage.

Reuse of accessories

BLS has delivered pallet racks to the new warehouse with a total capacity to store 3500 pallets. The majority of the warehouse equipment was purchased new from BLS but to reduce costs, much of the existing accessories were used in the racking. This means that GARO was able to reuse their mesh planes and extension units in the new warehouse solution.

Garo 2

About GARO

GARO manufactures and develops products and solutions within electricity and e-mobility. The company was founded in 1939 in Gnosjö, Småland, and is today present in six countries with approximately 400 employees. With a turnover of almost 1.4 billion in 2022, GARO continues to be a prominent player in the industry.