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Minimized interruptions

Cycleurope wanted to improve their storage capacity to streamline their daily operations. BLS AB offered a tailor-made solution by dismantling the old rack and installing a new one on site, during night time to minimize disruption to daily operations.

Pallet racks with level sprinklers reduce fire risk

Cycleurope has recently upgraded its warehouse layout with racking from BLS. The new pallet racks replace the old ones, which no longer met the necessary safety requirements. The warehouse equipment was delivered in batches, and the racking was replaced both in production and in the warehouse. In total, the pallet racks have a capacity to store 3000 pallets and are specially designed to handle both euro pallets and pallco pallets. Therefore, the racks are equipped with rails for easy handling of the metal baskets. Each pallet rack is also equipped with level sprinklers to prevent fire and ensure that both products and personnel are protected. This is particularly important as the company stores large quantities of bicycle tires, which are particularly flammable.


Night-time installation

To avoid disruption to daily operations, the installation of the new racking was carried out at night. In addition to this challenge, the installation of the new racking with level sprinklers required extra close coordination between all parties involved, including BLS AB, Cycle Europe and the sprinkler installers. Close cooperation was necessary to ensure that all sprinklers were intact and that the system functioned properly after installation. Through careful planning and communication, problems and delays were avoided. The end result was that we were able to install the new racking on schedule without disrupting Cycle Europe's daily operations.


About Cycleurope

Cycleurope is the largest in the Nordic region and one of Europe's leading companies in the manufacture and sale of bicycles and e-bikes. The company manufactures and distributes bicycles under brands such as Crescent, Monark, Sjösala, Tec and Spectra. Cycleurope designs, develops and builds its products in Varberg.