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Shuttle I Stallage

A Future-Proof Warehouse equipment

In a world where efficiency and scalability are crucial for business success, Lekia, Sweden’s leading toy shop chain, has taken a strategic step towards the future. In collaboration with BLS, Lekia has not only improved its current warehouse processes but also secured the foundation for continued expansion.

Efficiency through Integration

Lekia has implemented a significant change by consolidating its entire operation under one roof and preparing for the possibility of continued expansion. By integrating a shuttle solution with traditional pallet racks, they have created an efficient flow. The shuttle racking is used to store products that are not turned over as frequently, optimising both space and availability.


Customised warehouse solution

BLS has been a key player in delivering a comprehensive solution for Lekia’s storage needs. By combining existing and new warehouse equipment, BLS has created a flexible and efficient warehouse environment. The new racking was first assembled in the new location, enabling a smooth emptying of the old racks and transfer of goods. This strategy ensured that Lekia’s daily operations could continue without interruption during the transition. With a capacity for approximately 11,000 pallet spaces, Lekia now has room to grow and meet future market demands.


About Lekia

As Sweden’s largest toy shop chain, Lekia offers a wide range of toys and games for children of all ages. With its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Lekia continues to be a favourite destination for families seeking the perfect game or toy. With shops across the country, Lekia is dedicated to delivering joy and playful experiences to its customers.


BLS is with you from day one

We know. There is a great deal to consider when you are investing in a new warehouse flow. We can help you from the very start, making sure everything is done on time, on budget and as specified. When the time arrives to carry out the installation, our trained assemblers will assemble your new storage system. As a result, there is no need for you to keep track of safety standards and requirements – we’ve got you covered.

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Remote-controlled shuttles by BLS

The BLS shuttle is perfect for anyone who handles large pallet volumes and wants to save both space and time. You decide how the shuttle will work (FILO or FIFO) and you can be certain of one thing: the shuttle makes sure the right goods are always at the front. The shuttle technology can be adapted to suit different pallet sizes and works in all common warehouse temperatures from +40 °C to -30 °C

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