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Effective storage solution for Army Museum

The National Swedish Museum of Military History established a new storage facility in Arlandastad with Armémuseum (Army Museum). The new facility’s purpose is to create a space-efficient and climate-adapted storage solution for all the museum artefacts that are not currently being used in ongoing exhibitions or are on loan to other museums worldwide.

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Maximise storage capacity with mobile pallet racks

The solution, delivered by Sono Sweden and us, can store 2,500 pallets. Armémuseum required a space-efficient solution where they could store as much as possible within a limited area. Therefore, most of the storage system is in the form of mobile pallet racks, which is an optimal solution when there is a need to optimise the space for storing items.

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Create a wide range of storage possibilities

In addition to the mobile pallet racks, the Armémuseum also made an investment in cantilever racks. The cantilever rack has allowed the museum to efficiently store various items while making the most of the available space. As a result, the museum has improved its utilisation of space and warehouse efficiency.

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About Armémuseum

Armémuseum is a military history museum in central Stockholm and part of the State Defence Historical Museums. The museum depicts Sweden’s history from the 16th century to the present. Their collection consists of over 100,000 artefacts from the Middle Ages, including uniforms, weapons, and flags. The museum aims to show how people have been affected by war and conflicts throughout history.