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Postnord Tomt Lager (1)

A synchronised flow

PostNord has established a new warehouse in southern Stigamo. The operation will be managed by PostNord and Husqvarna is the tenant who will use the warehouse. Södra Stigamo is strategically located along the E4 outside Jönköping/Vaggeryd and is currently ranked as one of Sweden's strongest logistics locations.

Securing and streamlining the distribution of products

The new warehouse spans over 45,000 square meters and accommodates a pallet rack storage in combination with an automated Autostore solution. The integration of Autostore with conventional pallet storage requires synchronization of the flow between the different storage solutions, an achievement that BLS is proud of. This warehouse solution secures and streamlines the distribution of products to our own warehouses worldwide and to customers.

Postnord Monterat Lager

Storage and assembly of 40,000 pallets racks

BLS had the opportunity to deliver pallet racks with space to store approximately 40,000 pallets. In addition to pallet racks, we also handled the delivery and assembly of the warehouse furniture and protection for the facility. The assembly lasted for a total of 7 weeks.

Postnord Tomt Lager (1)

About PostNord

PostNord TPL is the Nordic region's leading provider of third-party logistics solutions. The company is part of the PostNord Group and had a total turnover of SEK 2.1 billion in 2021. In total, they have a warehouse area of just over 660,000 square meters and operate in Stockholm, Norrköping, Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Ljungby and Jönköping.