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Maximize the full height of the warehouse.

A great way to maximize your storage capabilities is not only to focus on using the available floor space efficiently but also to fully utilize the height of your warehouse. There are various solutions available to optimize vertical storage.
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Pallet racks are a flexible storage solution where you can determine the height of the uprights yourself. As the handling of goods is done with a forklift, it is possible to store goods at high levels. There is also the option to use the lower levels as picking locations and the higher levels for buffer spaces and storage.

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Mezzanine floors can be utilized to create additional levels in your warehouse. This works well for storing items on shelving units; a mezzanine can be placed above the shelves, providing an additional floor for storage. 

High bay racking and Autostore

Another way to utilize the full height of the warehouse is by employing automation solutions such as high bay racking or Autostore. With automation solutions, you can store goods at elevated heights, reducing manual handling. A high-bay storage system is ideal for storing palletized goods and large items.