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Drive in racking

Drive in racking is when pallets are handled from the long side and stored in depth in the rack. The pallets are loaded into the rack with the help of a truck according to the First-In, Last-Out (FILO) principle. This means that individual pallets cannot be accessed directly, but only the pallet that is furthest out in the rack can be reached. This type of storage method utilizes the existing floor space up to 90% as this solution also minimizes the number of truck aisles. Deep stacking is a very compact storage method and allows not only the floor space to be used maximally but also the ceiling height. This storage method works best when the goods that are handled and stored are identical or similar, as the goods in the entire section must be picked to access the pallets behind.

Drive in racking

Pallet flow racking

Pallet flow racking is an efficient solution for compact storage, organized according to the First-In, First-Out (FIFO) or First-In, Last-Out (FILO) principle. Particularly suitable for environments with a high turnover of palletized goods, this system minimizes the number of forklift aisles and ensures that the pallet at the forefront is always the right one. It optimizes accessibility and ensures a seamless flow of goods.

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Do you want us to create an efficient solution for storing products on pallets?

Do you need help creating an efficient flow in your warehouse? We are happy to listen and to arrange a time when we can visit you. With our long experience, we view challenges as opportunities. Working together, we are able to create a solution that is tailored to meet your needs. It’s not uncommon for us to begin producing the drawings while we’re on site in your premises.

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Mobilt Pallställ Fryslager

Mobile storage racking

When racks are equipped with mobile units that can be repositioned, the number of forklift aisles in the warehouse can be minimized. Typically, traditional racks require one aisle per shelf, but with mobile units, only one aisle is needed as the units can be moved laterally. These mobile units can be equipped with various types of racks, such as pallet racks, tire racks, shelf racks, and cantilever racks. Mobile solutions are available in both manual and electrically powered systems.

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BLS is with you from day one

We can help you from the very start, making sure everything is done on time, on budget and as specified. When the time arrives to carry out the installation, our trained assemblers will assemble your new storage system. As a result, there is no need for you to keep track of safety standards and requirements – we’ve got you covered.

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