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New building to support growth and efficient warehouse flows

Sesol has recently established its new headquarters and central warehouse along the E4 highway at Södra Stigamo in Vaggeryd municipality. The new property covers a total area of approximately 26,000 square meters, of which 14,500 square meters are dedicated to the central warehouse.


Growth and optimal inventory management

The Park, the name of the impressive new building, has been created to provide Sesol with the necessary conditions and facilities to enable the company's continued growth. With the new central warehouse and headquarters, Sesol can increase its customer value through faster processing, increased flexibility and precision. With the establishment of The Park, the company has brought together the three previous offices that were scattered in different locations in Jönköping and the building is expected to accommodate over 400 office spaces in the future.

Storage solution for easy extension and expansion

BLS has played a key role in optimizing the warehouse layout in the new premises that will serve as a central warehouse. A total of 5,000 pallet spaces have been delivered, but the solution has been designed with flexibility to allow for easy expansion of the warehouse as the company grows. To create a uniform overall feel, the racking has been painted in Sesol's characteristic green profile color. In addition, the pallet racks have been fitted with pull-out units to promote ergonomic and smooth handling of the goods.

Focus on safety and well-being in Sesol's central warehouse

Johan Damgren, Warehouse Manager at Sesol, emphasizes that the establishment of the central warehouse is a strategic choice to support the regional warehouses and better control the flow. He also points out that a warehouse is much more than just an empty room filled with shelves. It should be a safe place where employees feel comfortable. Aspects such as sprinkler systems, fire protection and premises security are important to consider, as much is affected if the warehouse does not function properly. BLS has therefore been helpful in advising on the design of the racking system to meet the current requirements. In addition, they have provided the premises with plant protection, supplied by BLS to protect against any incidents and accidents.

Sesol Filip Och Johan

BLS plays key role in the optimization of Sesol's central warehouse

BLS was the first supplier involved in the warehouse project and was there to provide support and participate in discussions to find the optimal solution. Johan Damgren experienced BLS as quick to respond and flexible when changes needed to be made during the project. In addition, BLS provided valuable suggestions and insights to make the storage system as good as possible. Since Sesol had an urgent need to get the warehouse in place, they placed high demands on the suppliers' flexibility and fast delivery times, which meant that the final choice fell on BLS.


About Sesol

Sesol was founded in Jönköping in 2019 and has since then impressed with a strong growth, which has led the company to become one of Sweden's leading full-service suppliers of photovoltaic systems. With 14 offices spread across Sweden, from Malmö to Borlänge, Sesol has taken the step to establish itself closer to its customers. The company had a turnover of SEK 1.4 billion in 2022 and currently has a workforce of around 1,200 employees, including fitters, electricians, project managers and salespeople.